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newRPL: [UPDATED April 27-2017] Firmware for testing available for download
09-09-2015, 08:49 PM
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RE: newRPL: Firmware for testing available for download
(09-09-2015 04:17 PM)Han Wrote:  There should be two modes for menus: mode 1 uses only the main menu and behaves like the old HP48 series; mode 2 uses both main and secondary menus.

While I think it's doable, there are a few problems.
RPL commands like TMENU would become incompatible, because they need to know if the menu will show on dark or gray areas. Hence my proposal was only VARS on the gray. The rest goes always to menu 1. Also one menu would have 5 keys and the other 6 because NXT is not available. This makes again the page number change in TMENU. So if one menu has 5 Soft keys, the other one should too, therefore it's simpler to have a NXT soft key and lose one space than a dedicated NXT key with some complex interaction to handle 2 menus at once.
(09-09-2015 02:24 PM)Han Wrote:  In essence, NXT becomes a shift key for menus, to be used in conjunction with the arrow keys.
The keyboard driver doesn't allow other keys to act like shifts.

(09-09-2015 02:24 PM)Han Wrote:  should be a setting for GUI vs softkey interface like on the HP50G.
I don't think the dual interface on the 50g was a good thing, so my vote goes for not trying to replicate it.
(09-09-2015 02:24 PM)Han Wrote:  EDIT: For the "grey" menus, I propose a light grey rectangular border in place of full grey background for the soft keys. Then you won't have to deal with contrast, since it should show up as extremely sharp.
Yes the background should be white, gray edges sounds good.
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