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newRPL: [UPDATED April 27-2017] Firmware for testing available for download
10-04-2015, 06:50 PM
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RE: newRPL: [UPDATED Oct-01-2015] Firmware for testing available for download
(10-03-2015 07:14 PM)Helix Wrote:  Some initial comments :
- the variable menu is much better now.
Glad it looks better for you.
(10-03-2015 07:14 PM)Helix Wrote:  - the short program << 2 _m >> works as expected, but on the stack it shows << 2 1_m_[ INVALID_COMMAND
(10-03-2015 07:14 PM)Helix Wrote:  - I was about to ask the question, but I've discovered how to enter the Δ and ° characters to test the temperature units : left shift 9 and left shift 6 respectively, in alpha mode. I don't know if this has been already explained somewhere. Are they temporary key combinations?
I forgot to mention: the degree is where it's always been, I figured for now I needed the Delta to be close, and number 9 key was not used in the 50g, so why not. Delta is actually in the B or C (don't remember), but I didn't add all the greek letters yet. I actually like it in the 9, but at this point I don't know if it's temporary or not. I think delta is like the Sum symbol, it's much more often used than other greek letters so it should be readily accessible.

(10-03-2015 07:14 PM)Helix Wrote:  20_°C
Returns 254.52._°F instead of 68_°F…
Ouch, I broke CONVERT when fixing addition, it's fixed now.

Thanks for the bug hunt, it was very useful. I'll probably upload a new firmware image at the end of the weekend with these bugs fixed.
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