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newRPL: [UPDATED April 27-2017] Firmware for testing available for download
11-17-2015, 02:09 PM
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RE: newRPL: [UPDATED Nov-14-2015] Firmware for testing available for download
(11-17-2015 01:28 PM)Han Wrote:  Glad you found the compiler flag that caused the problems! Seems crazy that the previous firmwares still worked with only cache memory available to it.
Thinking about it, that could also explain why the first boot after flashing a non-newRPL machine always crashed, while the second one worked. Unfortunately, I can't test this theory since my machine was already flashed.

(11-17-2015 01:28 PM)Han Wrote:  Some observations:
1. Typing in variable names leaves the on the stack without the ' mark (on the HP48, the ' mark would be displayed with the name)
Quoted and unquoted variables are different objects. An unquoted variable that doesn't exist returns itself to the stack, and it's shown the way it is.

(11-17-2015 01:28 PM)Han Wrote:  2. ADD and + seem to be reversed on the HP48 (ADD treats lists like vectors whereas + catenates lists).
This was by design, discussed long time ago...

(11-17-2015 01:28 PM)Han Wrote:  3. Typing ->col (leftarrow, not - followed by >) would result in an error. I was expecting ->col to be returned as an identifier since it is not a command (I am aware that ->COL is a command).
This is by design (bad design, perhaps). When I started working on the symbolics engine, I decided to use the right arrow for rules (Mathematica style). From that moment, the right arrow became a symbolic operator and therefore it cannot be allowed in a variable or function name.
This is not good, as it's quite common to use the arrow in names. I'll have to revisit this and use a different operator for the rules (perhaps a composite like :→)

(11-17-2015 01:28 PM)Han Wrote:  4. When the secondary menu is turned off, the APPS through NXT keys still behave as they were variable keys (in my opinion, they should not). Moreover the NXT key pages through the variables but I would expect this to affect the non-variable menu if the secondary menu is turned off.
This is to be determined. We are going to need another NXT for the command menu, and turning off the VARS menu shouldn't change that. Perhaps NXT would become a duplicate of the other NXT, and STO a duplicate of HIST, but it might be too confusing.

(11-17-2015 01:28 PM)Han Wrote:  5. Pressing [leftshift][NXT] pages through the variables up until the first page, but does not wrap around like [NXT] does after the last page.
Easy fix, thanks for the bug report.

(11-17-2015 01:28 PM)Han Wrote:  6. Having [alpha] + up/down (while holding alpha) for autocompletion searches feels clunky. Tap [alpha] once for caps lock, and if you are a bit slow in pressing and holding alpha while using up/down, then the alpha mode switches to lower case.

I don't understand, pressing and holding alpha will switch the caps mode temporarily, if you press up/down it will always return to the mode you were before.
It will only change to lowercase if you press alpha and never press up/down or any other key.
The other shifts are used for navigation already. Any other keys where we could move autocomplete?
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