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newRPL: [UPDATED April 27-2017] Firmware for testing available for download
11-10-2016, 02:40 PM
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RE: newRPL: [UPDATED November-08-16] Firmware for testing available for download
(11-10-2016 02:30 AM)Helix Wrote:  Here are some initial comments:

- At the beginning, the calculator displayed an "alarm event" message each time it was turned on. I think that the ACK command solved the problem.
Already answered by Bruno.

(11-10-2016 02:30 AM)Helix Wrote:  - In the TIME menu, there are strange commands like MEMCHEK, MEMFIX, READCFI, PEEK, POKE, and also the MEM command that seems misplaced.
Will have to reorganize that menu, thanks.

(11-10-2016 02:30 AM)Helix Wrote:  - The PRG / TEXT menu is identical to the PRG / LOCAL menu
Oops, will fix.

(11-10-2016 02:30 AM)Helix Wrote:  - It would be nice if the help text could also display the entire name of the command, especially for long names that are partially masked in the soft menus.
It was like that at the very beginning, but explaining some commands in only 3 lines of text is really hard, so I decided to use the entire space for help. Perhaps I should be thinking of making the help fullscreen.

(11-10-2016 02:30 AM)Helix Wrote:  - Currently the commands are displayed in the first soft menu (the black one). Is there a flag which would allow the commands to appear directly in the white soft menus?
Yes! Go to: Main menu / System / Settings / Flags
The fourth menu item changes the currently active menu. Change it to 2 and next time you press SYMB it will go into the white menu.

(11-10-2016 02:30 AM)Helix Wrote:  - for the MENUSWAP shortcut, I don't like having to press too keys at the same time. I would prefer for example Right shift then Right cursor (I don't remember if this sequence is already used somewhere). On the other hand, I suppose I'll be able to make my own shortcuts when key assignments are implemented.
You will be able to reassign everything, of course. However, the On+Key combination is used for other system settings, so it made sense to use it for this case.
Right-Shift+right cursor is not currently assigned, because it's reserved to activate the viewer for large objects in the stack. It will enter into a scrolling mode to properly view objects.

(11-10-2016 02:30 AM)Helix Wrote:  - the Right Shift CHARS shortcut is useless, since SYMB / VARS do the same thing, with two key presses as well.
True, that's why I said temporarily, I'll probably put something else there. It's easy enough to do SYMB / Vars.
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