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newRPL: [UPDATED April 27-2017] Firmware for testing available for download
04-11-2017, 02:22 PM
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RE: newRPL: [UPDATED February 21-2017] Firmware for testing available for download
(04-11-2017 06:23 AM)pier4r Wrote:  JDW thanks for sharing, so I rephrase my question.

If I do install the newRPL, I do see that there are no cas commands, ok, but can I use the CAS module through menus? (I suppose no, so I suppose I will lose the cas module)

The same is for plotting, can I still use the plotting menus? (again I suppose no)
Also producing Grobs is helpful (once ahain, I see that so far are not handled), can I use the menus to call a grob? (again a suppose no)

In other words, for the missing newRPL equivalents of userRPL commands, is the system falling back to userRPL ?

In strict terms of programming I do need loops, conditionals, variables, a bit of basic math operations (numerical) and the dir structure. If this is provided, at least for programming, I'm gold.

The problem arise when I want to do some operations with the 50g that I currently do, so plotting, exporting grobs (of long formulas), equation writer, a bit of CAS. If those are nevertheless available, just not in the newRPL version, then that's ok.

This thread has over 500 posts, so it's hard to tell what's done and what's not. The best source for that information is the detailed status page, which gives you a pretty good idea of where we stand in terms of development.
Math capabilities-wise we are at 35% by the number of commands implemented and I believe this percentage to be a good representative number. Most notable missing pieces are:
  • Solvers
  • Many vector/matrix commands
  • Plotting
  • GUI
  • CAS

This last item (CAS) may never happen, as it can take years, so newRPL might have to compromise and stop at the hp48 level, or eventually adopt a foreign CAS (much like the Prime did with XCAS), but that's "To Be Determined" right now.
The first and second items are relatively easy and could be implemented in a couple of months just to misleadingly increase that percentage number (same as statistics commands for example, very easy to implement but there's no need to implement them now just to show off with a simple summation). Instead, the priority now was set on creating a GUI and plotting engine. Right now the ability to plot is being designed and coded/debugged. This is a very dense area with a lot to code and not much to show for it, so it gives the appearance of slow development (it's all happening under the hood right now), but once plotting and the GUI is finished and unleashed, you'll start to see the solvers come live with an actual UI, function plotting, exporting your solutions in HTML with your plots in SVG to import in word processors or to view in browsers, proper customization and mode setting, etc. for a much more "finished product" appearance.
Basically, the current work will add to your hp48 classic stack experience a more modern worksheet model where people will be able to work on problems with less coding and more efficiency. But the engine to power all that will take a while to be released.

As JDW said, this won't brick your calc at all and what's implemented is quite stable, you are free to play with newRPL and go back to stock firmware as many times as you want. I have had newRPL on my calculator for over a year now and it just works (I use it for basic number crunching all the time at work). I don't like releasing code that's buggy because it creates a very negative impression on the product, so the releases are carefully tested beforehand so bugs are minimal (this also gives the appearance of slow development).
The 50g is very hard to brick (I haven't heard of anybody bricking a 50g), and newRPL doesn't touch the boot code at all, so even if you flash garbage disguised as firmware, you can still use certain key combinations (with a paper clip or power on cycle) to recover your calc.

Finally, I'd like to end by saying what's actually implemented:
  • Programming
  • Stack (including interactive stack with copy/paste)
  • Basic arithmetic (reals, integers, variable precision up to 2000 digits, numbers in other bases)
  • Basic complex numbers
  • Basic symbolic expressions
  • Basic matrix/vectors (including symbolic matrices/vectors)
  • Lists and most list commands are complete
  • Strings with UTF8 encoding (and therefore Unicode support)
  • Units: 100% of units supported by the hp50g, plus some additional units, plus new user customizable base units.
  • Angles (new concept: angles as objects), including polar vectors and polar complex numbers.
  • Menus and custom keyboard definitions (much improved/changed from 50g)
  • Command autocomplete
  • On-calc help for every command on the menus (long press)
  • SD card: Full support for directories, read/write files, etc. (unlike the crippled access on the 50g). This includes support for SDHC cards, up to 4 partitions, etc.

So despite the 35% completion, there's a lot to explore and test (277 commands that need beta testers!), and in some areas it leaves the 50g behind (like the ability to fully customize units, replace system unit definitions, or native support for angles and their automatic conversions).
At this level is not ready to replace your old 50g yet (I carry a second 50g with stock firmware with me at all times, use newRPL 90% of the time at work, and when I need something that's not implemented yet I pull the other one).

Your experience might vary, depending on your particular needs, and it will take some adjustment on your part to work with the double menus, the new Alpha mode, the interactive stack, etc. My personal experience is once you get used to it there's no turning back, a feature I can't live without now is the 8-level stack "Undo" on the left cursor, allows me to do a calculation, then go back a couple of steps to review a partial result, maybe change a number and redo. When I use the stock 50g I find myself pressing left cursor only to get disappointed I have to start over.

Give it a shot, play with it and report back, good or bad feedback is welcome.
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