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Problem Loading AMC OS/X on the 41CL
09-08-2015, 02:49 AM
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RE: Problem Loading AMC OS/X on the 41CL
(09-08-2015 02:12 AM)MaxQ Wrote:  Any owners of the 41CL v4 having a problem loading (plugging) the AMC OS/X?

I've tried it several times, but it's loading something called CCD_OSX, which I believe is a separate module altogether. The current 41CL manual says the mnemonic is AOSX, but using that the CAT 2 function shows CCD_OSX which has a mnemonic of CCDX. Maybe I'll try loading CCDX and see what happens...

I just got the 41CL and I'm not up to speed with the image database system as of yet, so I was wondering if this was a known problem. There are some really nice functions in the AMC ROM, catalogs in particular, that I like to use.

Many thanks -

The CL memory reference document includes all mnemonics and locations in Flash, and is available at the systemyde web site:

"AOSX" is an earlier version, but the CAT'2 is correctly showing as CCD OS/X; so it's probably working correctly. - Module mnemonics don't have to be the same as the actual module headers in CAT'2.

My recommendation would be to use the library4 version of this module (and others too). For that you'll need to plug the "4LIB" module in page 4, and the "OSX3" module in any other page from 6 to F. Typically page#6 is a good location unless of course you're using the HP-IL.

Regardless, If you suspect some mismatch between modules in your flash map you can try plugging them using the physical addresses instead of their mnemonics, then check what has been mapped. Be aware that 8k (and larger) modules will need this on a per-page basis, i.e. each 4k block needs to be mapped separately.

Hope this helps, there's so much stuff on the CL board that you really need a map but the rewards are endless...

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