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Problem Loading AMC OS/X on the 41CL
09-08-2015, 12:39 PM
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RE: Problem Loading AMC OS/X on the 41CL
Angel, Bob - Many thanks! The code has been cracked!

First, thanks for the documentation suggestions - I've been looking them over for a couple of weeks now. What I need is a "Rosetta Stone" to tell me what all these modules are and what they are for!

The module "4AOS" in the module list shows a nomenclature of "Library 4 - AMC OSX ROM."

When I looked at the list of modules and saw the "Library 4..." descriptions, I thought all those were special versions of Lib4 to be used with AMC OSX or the other named modules, not the other way around. Too funny...

So, I'll "poke" Library 4 version "4LIB" into the MMU's page 4 register, and then PLUG the "OSX3" version of the AMC_OSX module into a port/page somewhere. Got it!

BTW - Angel, allow me to echo what Bob said about your documentation. As a former electronics/software control systems guy (BSEE) I would like to say your documentation is top-notch, to be sure. Thanks for your efforts!
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