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Connectivity Kit -- Program Editor
09-08-2015, 04:57 PM (This post was last modified: 09-14-2015 04:06 PM by StephenG1CMZ.)
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RE: Connectivity Kit -- Program Editor
That's a yes from me (though for now I have an Android version, hence no CK yet).

My own preference is for such comments to be nestable, so that one comment can be embedded in an outer one - most languages however would treat the first */ (or whatever syntax is chosen) as terminating the single/outer comment, not the inner comment only.

As for the INPUT statement on the Android emulation, it would be much more useful if when selecting that statement "INPUT(IN,TTL,LBL,HLP,?,?)" popped up, rather than "INPUT()" - I generally assign to those local variables anyway first rather than trying to squeeze everything on one line. By the time I have selected INPUT from the right menu, I could just as quickly have typed INPUT.

If you wanted to search on-device rather than in the CK, there is now a program that will do that (my ZED EDITOR), though it is an early release so don't expect a full-blown editor yet.

Is there a way of getting line-numbering on-device or is that just in the CK?
Update: version 0.3 of my Z EDITOR can show line numbers on-device.

Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ)
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