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CPU graphics capabilities.
09-10-2015, 05:12 PM
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RE: CPU graphics capabilities.
(09-10-2015 03:26 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  No, we do not use it.

Basically, there are some important limitations to the 2D accelerator with respect to memory needing to be in certain configurations (which waste ~1MB more RAM for the end user), incompatible drawing routines (only supports lines, blits and pixels of certain limited types), the inability to mix rendered fonts with the screen window without going through ridiculous hoops, and a few other things from memory.

Basically, it wouldn't get us (or you) much in return for the effort to getting everything working properly.

Interesting. I've used 2D accellerators before and have run into the memory config thing. You are can be a pain. This brings to mind something we are going to want to know for when a C compiler becomes available for the Prime.... While we know what flash and RAM chips are used, we do not have info on just how memory is configured. Is that info available anywhere, and also is a memory map available? We won't need that until much C development gets done, but it'd be nice to have for the future, when it does become available.

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