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HP-41 MCODE Chess ROM ?????
09-10-2015, 04:01 PM (This post was last modified: 09-10-2015 05:24 PM by Ángel Martin.)
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HP-41 MCODE Chess ROM ?????
I've come across a short mention to an MCODE Chess ROM for the 41, developped by L. Lirpa from Finland - and apparently presented in some PPC-UK Chapter meeting back in 1985.

See the actual article in page 85.3.51:

The article gives enough details (CAT'2 contents, buffer info..) to perhaps discard an April's fool joke (note that "L. Lirpa" is "April L" reversed!) so something must have been done - but this is a complete mystery as far as I know.

Anyone ever came across those EPROMs or that allegedly wonder ROM at all?
If it was an April's fool stunt then Prisma passed it on blindly!

It's a hoax! haha, great staging from those folks back then ;-))

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