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[Prime] Is it possible to install larger display fonts?
09-25-2015, 11:13 AM (This post was last modified: 09-27-2015 07:57 PM by matthiaspaul.)
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[Prime] Is it possible to install larger display fonts?

While this may not be a problem for young people, I personally find the fonts provided by the Prime ("small", "medium" and "large") too small to use comfortably. Even the "large" font is way too small, IMO.

While having small fonts may be beneficial to keep much stuff visible on the display, for normal "number crunching", the digit sizes provided by "normal" calculators is much preferred. The "size 8" system font in the 50g is too small for my taste as well, but the 50g is no longer under active development, unfortunately, so there's nothing that could be fixed here any more, while for the Prime (and potential successor models) many things are still not hammered in stone and the optimum still needs to be found, I assume (and hope).

So, I guess, what I want is "extra-large", "super-large" and "ultra-large" fonts, scaling up to three times the size of the Prime's "large" font...

Is there a way to create and install larger fonts on the Prime? (I am still using the emulator with the "medium" skin, which already shows a slightly larger than real size calculator, so I guess using the physical device the problem would be even more apparent.)

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