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Create function by program and store as variable ?
09-26-2015, 03:14 PM
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RE: Create function by program and store as variable ?
What is the object you did create called.?
How do you execute it?

BTW how do you know about what you did do. I cant find any
Advanced docs about ppl which mention any of this.

Does PPL mimic some othe language everyone
knows about?

Ive been experimenting for days and learned
a bunch and finding scraps of info. Is there a better way?

Some things ive learned the hard way:
If a routine fun () is defined then

eval(fun); is same as fun(); in compiled code.

I use this to make jump (call) vectors for very fast case like routines.

I also learned that the compiler treats user variables as names and does lookup at runtime which is very slow.
So compiled variable must be declared in the pgm.
User (really cas) variables act like userrpl objects we just cant seem to store program objects.

Also s:= Notes ("name") gets string into code so i can maybe add an editing to my pgm.

You all probably know all this.

BTW im trying to make an app which emulates sysRPL and maybe useRPLl.
Ive had to simulate the rpn stack but its coming along well.

One last question: if i override the enter key can i invoke the function the enter key default is?
I.e. can i call enter () or somesuch?

I work with android Prime only for now on my
Galaxy Tab Pro/Note 2
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