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Program to search inside programs
09-30-2015, 06:24 AM (This post was last modified: 09-30-2015 06:25 AM by xset.)
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RE: Program to search inside programs
(09-30-2015 05:40 AM)cyrille de brĂ©bisson Wrote:  Nice work!

Thanks! I think this is only begining. We need fully functional editor. Currently i am investigating how to calculate exact size of text drawed TEXTOUT_P, so we could find there to put cursor and how much to shift because of scrolling.

I think new editor should support:
1) Undo
2) Selecting of whole word by touching it (often used to copy variable name).
3) Fast shortcuts for selection of whole line or number of lines for copy-paste (current SHIFT-COPY SHIFT-PASTE is awful).
4) Some kind of autocompleting and hints
5) Fast gestures to call Search and Global Search with jumping on results. Also Search and Replace !
6) Fast jumping between functions in current module (selecting from list).
7) Screen keyboard (because my eyes crying looking at orange letters on gray), useful with capacitive stylus.

Any help would be appreciated. There many tasks for doing GUI things like listboxes, screen menus, dialogs for searching, etc.

Best regards
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