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Program to search inside programs
09-30-2015, 04:30 PM
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RE: Program to search inside programs
(09-30-2015 03:13 PM)StephenG1CMZ Wrote:  On the Android emulator I find that when I cut and paste the code, there appears to be a space within one SIZE. Deleting that one space, it compiles OK.

Better use attached hpprgm, i also have found some bugs with copied text.

(09-30-2015 03:13 PM)StephenG1CMZ Wrote:  If I attempt to Run the Globalsearch from your code, instead of from a file one is editing, I get an insufficient memory error. I suspect it's just that the code being searched is too big.

You can change K_Sin() with K_8() OR KA_9() to move shortcut to appropriate keys.

I am currently working on universal search (current program, all programs, notes). I though new cool feature for the editor, which also will be implemented there. I killed many hours trying to construct fast function calls "by pointer" but they still costs at least triple of direct call :-( Why HP banned "program" concept from RPL, you could pass symbol and eval it fast. EXPR is too slow. I am missing pointers to functions to write clean extendable code. :-( Looks like we can not avoid text code generation in some language higher than HPPL, but I can't figure how to implement "function as value" conception in absence of "program as value" mechanisms :-(
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