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State-of-the-art in MCODE Development?
10-02-2015, 08:08 AM
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RE: State-of-the-art in MCODE Development?
(10-02-2015 12:45 AM)derekamos Wrote:  You had best involve Angel in your enquiries. I think he still uses Windows, and produced much/most of the 41CL software.

Well the CL software is Monte's creation - and he does that superbly well even if he insists he's not a software guy. It's true I've also added some nice contributions to the CL platform but in general all my modules are equally functional on Clonix/NoV's or the MLDL2k - if only at a much slower pace for obvious reasons.

As to the actual tools, afraid I don't have any state-of-the-art recipe. Derek is correct, I mostly use EXCEL to write the code - heresy, I know but you can't beat the move/copy/paste/hyperlink functionality, specially handy when dealing with bank-switched code spread across several pages.

Once the code is ready to go I use macros to compile it into ROM files, and the MLDL2k Manager to produce the MOD files. This software is also used for dis-assembly and further documentation - it does not require the actual MLDL2k unit to run.

What can I say, this arrangement works for me.

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