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Looking for ULTIMATE CALENDAR program listing
10-23-2015, 08:49 PM (This post was last modified: 10-23-2015 08:51 PM by Ángel Martin.)
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RE: Looking for ULTIMATE CALENDAR program listing
(10-23-2015 06:32 PM)Dieter Wrote:  
(10-23-2015 03:02 PM)Ángel Martin Wrote:  As a consolation there are two new calendar modules in preparation, will be released shortly - hang in there!

Do you think it's possible to give a rough outline of what this module will offer? Something similar to the HP41 "caldendars" solutions book? Of course with better algorithms and also better coding. MCode, I guess...?-)

Sure enough, I didn't mean to be cryptic but had no time to elaborate. See below the FAT for the first one - mostly grouping programs from JM Baillard and a couple of my own.


Function    Description
CDAY    Calendar Date
CMD            Ceiling / yz
"DT"     Date from J2k number
"DT-CO"    Date to Coptian
"DT-EG"     Date to Egyptian
"DT-HLS"     Date to Hindu Lunisolar
"DT-KY"    Date to Hindu
"DT-MY"    Date to Mayan
"DTTM"    Date from J2k w/Timer
"ECLIPSE"     Moon & Sun Eclipses
"EG-DT"    Egyptian to Date
" EASTER"     Easter Date
"EQSOL"    Equinox & Solstices
"EQSOL+"    Driver for EQSOL
FMD    Floor / yz
"GR-LS"    Gregorian to Lunisolar
"GR-SC"    Gregorian to Solar
"HLS-DT"    Hindu Lunisolar to Date
"IFMD"    Illuminated Fraction Moon
"IFMD+"    Driver for IFMD
"J0"             Julian Date since 2k
J2K            Gregorian Date since 2k
"CO-DT"    Coptian date to Date
JDAY            Julian day number
"KY-DT"    Hindu to Date
"LS-GR"    Lunisolar to Gregorian
"MY-DT"    Mayan to Date
"PESAH"    Pesah Date
"PHASE"    Phases of Moon
"SC-GR"    Solar to Gregorian
"STYLM"    Sidereal & Tropical Years
"STYLM+"    Driver for STYLM

The second one has a few from the User's Library (not the infamous one lost for good Sad and those Time-based routines from Poul Kaarup's collection. FAT Function summary is still in preparation...
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