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problem with mat2list (8151)
10-20-2015, 07:15 PM
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RE: problem with mat2list (8151)
mat2list is a CAS command. Your program is a non-CAS program. It is quite possible to write programs that will interrupt a CAS command as it is processing. When this happens, the error message (program interrupted) from the Home side gets "attached" to CAS command and from thereon out, the command will only return the error string.

Rather than On-Symb, an alternate workaround is to simply use mat2list() on a simple list, and evaluate it in the CAS view. In the CAS view, mat2list() should process the list correctly, and mat2list will work normally again moving forward.

I have had this happen with the QR command, which in turn also affects the EIGENVV, and related commands (i.e. all commands that use the routines within the QR command).

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