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HP-48SX strange?
11-12-2015, 10:22 PM
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HP-48SX strange?
I was using my HP-48SX (1988) to convert some decimal numbers to binary by choosing MTH --> BASE which then rightly sets up the A --> F top row keys with
A. B. C. D. E. F

So I'm entering #976 pressing DEC and then enter to put 976d on the stack then BIN gives me
# 1111010000b
I enter a few more larger numbers THEN I entered #17000 pressed DEC and Enter and # 616d appears on the stack and pressing BIN gives # 1001101000b
So I tried to find out where the formatting of the decimal number on the stack was changing before any conversion was even done.
It changes after decimal 16383
#16382 DEC Enter puts # 16382d on the stack and BIN gives # 11111111111110b
BUT #16384 DEC Enter puts # 0d on the stack and BIN gives # 11111111111111b ??
Any numbers >= 16384 decimal give strange results e.g. # 88364 DEC Enter gives # 6444d on the stack and BIN gives #1100100101100b?

Any idea what is happening here?
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