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Definite integration yields a strange answer. (Solved)
11-13-2015, 10:28 PM (This post was last modified: 11-13-2015 11:16 PM by pwarmuth.)
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RE: Definite integration yields a strange answer.
That works, but why? They inputs are mathematically identical and the options have not changed. Yes, I read the post. I do not agree. I could understand that approach if there was not already an explicit option for complex results.

It's this kind of stuff that bothers me about this CAS.

You already give me the option of whether or not I want complex answers in the options menu! Then the calculator goes and ignores what I told it to do because it's been programmed to give different answers depending on how you ask the question. It is not immediately obvious that the calculator should behave this way, and for a student this is frustrating.

Also, I must point out that my TI nspire CX CAS does not behave this way. I know it's blasphemy to bring that up in this forum, but that calculator is the competition and it's less confusing to use its CAS. With graphing it's way behind, but how often do I really need to graph something? Not everyone using this calculator is coming from a background with the classic HP calculators. Not everyone knows the NTHROOT command. I shouldn't have to dig into forums and write a PHD thesis on giac/Xcas to get it to output what I want when there is an explicit option for it in the CAS settings. I've also been taught to rewrite these problems with fractional exponents before performing anti-differentiation, and I gave it to the calculator in that format. That output was surprising and unexpected, and just cost me an hour of my time trying to find an answer. I find that to be rather typical with this CAS, and it shouldn't be. I have to reach for my TI far too often, and I'd rather not.
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