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CASIO fx-3600P scientific calculator from 1985
11-17-2015, 04:46 PM
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CASIO fx-3600P scientific calculator from 1985
This specimen remained for almost a year for sell at a local auction site.
Finally I decided to acquired it, for the principesca amount of 15 Euro.

It was made in Japan after 1985, according to the Hitachi HD43147 SoC processor date code.

Casio fx-3600P calculator forensics: arcsin(arccos(arctan(tan(cos(sin(9)))))) = 9.0000157179
Tested in DEG mode.
Typed: 9 sin cos tan INV tan INV cos INV sin
Result1: 9.000015718
Typed: - 9 =
Result2: 1.57179 -05
Typed: x 1000000 =
Result3: 15.7179

Note the "Lithium" label printed at the bottom left side of the display bezel.
I believe it relates to the case silver color, although the CR2025 power cell also contains Lithium.

[Image: casio_fx-3600P_001.jpg] [Image: casio_fx-3600P_002.jpg]

Front panel was kind of lose, due to the adhesive film dried glue.

[Image: casio_fx-3600P_003.jpg]

As usual with CASIO machines, opening the case is extremely easy.
The back cover is fixed with four screws that, once removed, allows the cover to slide and lift.

It uses a single 3 Volt CR2025 Lithium battery cell.
The power consumption is 0.430 mW (average current of 0.14 mA)

[Image: casio_fx-3600P_004.jpg]

Two classic axial pass through mount 1/8 Watt 5% resistors on the PCB back side.
Top = 390 Ohm, Bottom = 220KOhm

[Image: casio_fx-3600P_005.jpg]

PCB front side.
Keyboard assembly (foil membrane attached to the PCB).

[Image: casio_fx-3600P_006.jpg]

One unmarked SMD ceramic capacitor at top left side.
And the Hitachi HD43147 SoC processor, made in 1985 week 43 (5J 43).

[Image: casio_fx-3600P_007.jpg]

Keyboard rubber membrane.

[Image: casio_fx-3600P_008.jpg]

Real quality plastic keys, sporting injection molding manufacturing.
These keys don't "click" to give a mechanical feedback, but they register successfully on every single key stroke after so many years of usage.
And when they fail to register, a easy cleaning is all it takes to restore normal operation.

[Image: casio_fx-3600P_009.jpg]

Partial exploded view.

[Image: casio_fx-3600P_010.jpg]

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