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Strange HP41CX
11-18-2015, 05:56 PM
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RE: Strange HP41CX
(11-18-2015 04:41 PM)benno Wrote:  To be honest, now I have 2 HP calculators.

The second one is a 21, which a bought new long long ago when I went to school. This one is really used a lot and in a terrible condition but still working

I collect vintage GPS and by one of my last acquisitions I got this strange 41 in the box too. I have no use for it, whit this strange keyboard layout, if it had the normal keyboard layout it could replace my 21.

So no I start looking for a normal 41 ;-)

I have a nice, clean, normal 41CV which you may be interested in. And I could take that odd, ugly one with the strange keyboard off your hands in exchange, assuming it works. Wink

Kidding of course. Unless you are really interested, then not kidding....

--Bob Prosperi
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