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It all started at a pawn shop...
11-20-2015, 09:21 PM
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RE: It all started at a pawn shop...
(11-19-2015 01:09 AM)Jeff_Kearns Wrote:  What I want to do next is convert a HP-41C to a CL, and get the latest DM-15L from SwissMicros.

By the way, I also like the 48SX as a calculator and solver/integrator but just cannot get into programming in RPL. Not my cup o' tea.


Thanks for the story Jeff. Lots of familiar feelings reading these stories. I remember visiting Jordan Marsh (a Boston area Dept Store chain until the 90's) many times specifically to look at the HP machines in the display case; desperately wanting an HP-65 (then -67) but not even able to afford an HP-35.

Some comments/opinions on the toys under consideration:

The 41CL is an amazing product; if you are any kind of 41C fan, the CL will simply blow your mind. You can instantly use ALL the 41C ROMs ever made, making rare gems like the CCD and HEPAX modules available for the first time for most of us. Recommended A++.

Though I've just started playing with my DM-15L, I can also recommend this. It has it's own unique feel, but Voyager fans will love it. It's totally compatible with a 15C, but much faster and much more memory - what's not to love?

I would recommend an HP-48GX over an SX; best is a late GX unit with Black LCD - FAR more readable on these old eyes. Get a copy of Bill Wickes Purple books to explore the 48 (all available on the MoHPC USB Drive) - I and many others found learning RPL not fun or even interesting until doing so with this book.

--Bob Prosperi
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