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It all started at a pawn shop...
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RE: It all started at a pawn shop...
(11-20-2015 09:21 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  The 41CL is an amazing product; if you are any kind of 41C fan, the CL will simply blow your mind.

I would recommend an HP-48GX over an SX; best is a late GX unit with Black LCD - FAR more readable on these old eyes. Get a copy of Bill Wickes Purple books to explore the 48 (all available on the MoHPC USB Drive) - I and many others found learning RPL not fun or even interesting until doing so with this book.



I am very much a fan of the HP-41C family. I own 2 HP-41Cs, each with a QUAD memory module, and a HP-41CV. I have the Advantage, X-Functions, MATH/STAT, MACHINE, NAVIGATION, Forecast 1, and TIME modules. In my opinion, the HP-41 family will always remain the pinnacle of Classic HP calculator design. As I write this , I can't help but think fondly of the HP-67... but I digress. Looking forward to a CL upgrade for sure!

I own v7 (and v5) of the double DVD set and do enjoy Bill Wickes' books very much. I just haven't taken sufficient time to get into the details and become proficient in RPL. It is on my list of things to learn and I recognize the benefits of the language - if not the syntax. What never ceases to amaze me is what some people have managed to accomplish with RPN keystroke programming - take Valentin's Gaussian Integration for the HP11C, originally posted in PPC Journal V7N6 as an example. Or what Stefan Vorkoetter and the late Palmer O. Hansen, Jr could come up with for Matrix handling, Curve fitting, and Cadillac Quadratic solvers. I am such a neophyte compared to these guys (and so many other Forum members too numerous to mention) that I could spend years trying to master the intricacies of RPN and never even touch on RPL. I am also still learning/mastering the 19BII and 17BII 'Solver language' and the LET/GET functions from the Technical Applications Step-by-Step Solutions for Your HP-27S or HP-19B Calculator.

Yes, I agree the 48-GX is a superior model with a crisper display (I do not have the black LCD) but the colour scheme of the SX matches the old pioneers so nicely, and especially the HP-32sii so aesthetically, it my preferred unit, and the one I would like to use to learn RPL eventually. I also have a 50G...

As for the DM-15L, I have ordered one! I bought a DM-15 a couple of years ago and find it quite a 'cute' little device and extremely capable if not very practical for daily use.


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