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HP-IL ATC-00010 Relay Actuator revisted
11-23-2015, 06:11 PM
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HP-IL ATC-00010 Relay Actuator revisted
Sylvain Cote posted in another thread I (mysteriously) cannot reply to:

HP-IL ATC-0010 Relay Actuator
Product : ATC-0010 Relay Actuator
Company : AirTerm Corporation
Device ID : HP82166A
Accessory ID : 64
Description : The device closes or opens relays based on the data byte received
Pictures :
Relay: MIDTEX / 296-11B200 / 12V DC / 5A

Setup #1 : HP-41CX + HP-82160A (HP-IL)

And I would very much like to extend my sincere appreciation for this information, particularly the photo spread, excellent !!! What a fun little gizmo. I might have thought internally there would be an intact 82166, but it looks like they have used it's chipset on their proprietary board and included the handy LED indicators, AC operation, and some modest relays. I'm assuming the 8 fuses are each 5 amp rated and are to protect the relay contacts from excessive current draw.

I wonder what Air Therm intended the interface to be used for? It appears to be useful on many levels, but what did the manufacturer have in mind ??

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