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LED part for Woodstock machines
11-26-2015, 11:07 AM (This post was last modified: 11-26-2015 11:11 AM by PANAMATIK.)
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RE: LED part for Woodstock machines
(11-24-2015 12:28 AM)ElectroDuende Wrote:  I'm afraid that those modules have only 9 digits, and Woodstocks have 12. Anyway, there is already a trusty supplier for replacement displays (as long as LED chips are available), our fellow forum member Panamatik:

Kind regards,

Thanks for the "trusty supplier". Smile Indeed my woodstock replacement LED modules are still available and ready for "plug and play".

The digits have a slightly different appearance than the originals, because they are about 15% smaller in size (45 mm instead of 54mm). And due to the higher components they are finally located nearer to the red display cover. But they are a real replacement, and the only one that I know of, in case that you have to fix a defective woodstock display.

Unfortunately I cannot sell them for 16$, because my cost were about 22$ each, 12 alone for buying the LED modules. But shipping without insurance could be reduced to 2$.

I tried to build also a replacement for spice series calculators, but didn't make it yet, you need to build your own adapter. For pinout description see attachement.

.pdf  LEDDisplay.pdf (Size: 106.09 KB / Downloads: 20)


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