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SwissMicros: it's time for the DM16L
02-17-2022, 04:57 PM
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RE: SwissMicros: it's time for the DM16L
I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents and questions into this thread on the DM16L. Now that this calculator has been out for nearly seven years, I thought it may be a good time to see how users like this Swiss Micros version, versus the HP16C. I'm a bit surprised that SM didn't upgrade the firmware, in the last seven years, to show the instruction mnemonics for key functions.
Since the HP16C is still selling on TAS for unobtainian prices, I was thinking of just ordering the SM version. Does anyone have any feedback on the key functions after a few years of using the DM16L? Any contrast or comparison to the original HP16C versus the DM16L. I do prefer the slanted keys on the original HP16C, but the prices for the original HP version are too rich for me.
Of course I can always just use my WP34S, but all of those wonderful keys on the DM16L may be buried a level down on the WP34S in X.FCN list. I must admit that I need to play more with my WP34S to understand the HP16C functions and how to access all of them.
~ Jim J. ~
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