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CASIO fx-4000P scientific calculator from 1986
09-26-2018, 07:56 PM
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RE: CASIO fx-4000P scientific calculator from 1986
(09-26-2018 04:55 PM)edryer Wrote:  Well of all Casio calculators I suspect the pinnacle was the FX-501P/502P and FX-601P/602P and these are definitely not cheap, snapped up on eBay pretty quickly, or bidding becomes high.

If the HP-41C/CV had a competitor other than the TI-58C/59 these probably would have made the grade, not sure of any other calculator of that period 1979-1982 that could also compete.
Unfortunately these calculators price is pushed up by collectors and the ebay sellers who has only half-information about these units.

I had two 602P and I traded it because on these units no linear regression by default and this is the greatest fault (that is why 61F also unvaluable for me - and for the practicing engineers, but the 61F also a rare unit (I have one in perfect condition for safety Wink )).

The 602P with LR is a perfect calculator. A 4000P with indirect addressing (of labels) also the perfect competitor. But both of them has a little deficiency.

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