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CASIO fx-4000P scientific calculator from 1986
06-06-2019, 04:20 PM (This post was last modified: 06-06-2019 04:34 PM by ijabbott.)
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RE: CASIO fx-4000P scientific calculator from 1986
(06-06-2019 12:33 PM)cdmackay Wrote:  thanks José, yes, I was pleased to get it for that price. I'd been watching for one for ages, and luckily it was a Buy-it-now so I was able to pounce quickly when I saw it.

That completes my mini 'P' collection (I think): 3400, 3600, 3800, 3900, 4000. Now I need some time to play with them all and work out which I like best.

The 3800 is I think the last of the traditional segment LCD display models, which is the display I had on my Casio's at school, in the 80s, so I have a soft spot for that, compared to the (arguably better) pixel display on the 3900/4000.

But only the 3400/3600 have the a/b/c fraction key, which I also like; shame they dropped it from the later models.

They also dropped the bitwise logic operations (but kept the BIN/OCT/HEX/DEC arithmetic) between the fx-3400P and fx-3600P, added them back in for the fx-3600Pv (another one for you to seek out), and removed them again for the fx-3800P. (EDIT: There also seems to be a fx-3600PV (with a capital V) that doesn't have the bitwise operations, just to confuse things further! EDIT 2: That one seems to be a fake Casio according to this.) Somewhat annoyingly, I bought a fx-3800P from a major UK stationers back in the day and didn't discover the lack of bitwise operations until it was too late.

— Ian Abbott
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