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Got a HP-41CV Half Nut as a early Christmas gift!
12-21-2015, 04:52 PM
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Got a HP-41CV Half Nut as a early Christmas gift!
After returning home from shopping, I had a small package at my desk left by my wife.

I eager opened it and found this fantastic good looking machine inside.
It is in need of a good cleaning, but cosmetically it is free of scraps or dents.

It is my early Christmas gift, she said.
Then she asked me if I wouldn't mind if she put my gift by the Christmas tree to be opened at the proper moment.
You bet I do mind! No way I can wait to have a look on this beauty.

As far as I can tell, the machine is in good working order, despite I didn't run a extensive testing.
By the way, is there any program freely available that we can load to test the machine?

The battery compartment and cover are in mint condition.
I would say it was never serviced or even cleaned from some dirt visible on the outside body.

Although, not all is perfect.
The card reader suffers from the usual gummy wheel syndrome.
I tried to read one of my blank cards and it came out dirty from the gummy wheel.
Guess I will have a job to do first thing next year, after my holidays.

[Image: hp-41cv_hn_001.jpg] [Image: hp-41cv_hn_002.jpg] [Image: hp-41cv_hn_003.jpg]

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