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01-02-2016, 08:46 AM
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RE: Geometry
If you don't find information in HP documentation, you should have a look at Xcas: area currently supports circles and polygons. There is no special object for conics, they are stored as parametric curves in the CAS (Geometry uses CAS objects).
I can extend the area command to parametric curves (including ellipses but also function and polar plots) using Green-Riemann theorem, but for non closed curves you will be surprised by the sign. Indeed I must close the curve to apply Green-Riemann, it's natural to close it with vertical segments at the boundaries and the Ox axis, but then you will not follow the curve in the trigonometric way : I will in fact compute int(-y*dx) along the curve. Note also that the area will be computed in approx mode (because the plotting functions do numeric evaluation of the boundaries).
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