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synthetics and the DM41L
01-11-2016, 04:49 PM
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RE: synthetics and the DM41L
(01-08-2016 08:26 AM)Geoff Quickfall Wrote:  Soon I will post the "Synthetic Key Assignment" program so you can create synthetic key assignments!

I feel like a kid again! Byte Grabbers, Load Bytes and synthetic Key Assignment programs.

Cheers all

p.s. let me know if you are going or have used it.

Hi !

I'm interested in your work !
What would be cool is to have your programs integrated to the firmware and, for example, with a key combination ON+R/S you'll get everything copied in RAM to manipulated bytes and use synthetic programming.

The best would be to have a kind of "synthetic compiler" where you use mnemonics for hidden features and you get the text file to be sent to the calculator in "Serial console" mode.

Thanks for sharing!

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