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synthetics and the DM41L
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RE: synthetics and the DM41L
Hi Geoff,
the cool thing with the DM41/41L and its PC transfer via USB-cable is that you do not have to use anymore any byte grabbers or HP41 bugs to create synthetic commands.
Just change the HEX code in your text file on your PC, i.e. embedding HEX codes of synthetic commands, e.g. "91 7d" for "STO c", then transferring this text file via PuTTY or Tera Term (working well if PuTTy is not finding the port) to your DM41 and you have all the synthetic commands you were longing for.
(Byte table translation to be found at )
Of course, once you have created that Key Assignment Program, it is easier to using this instead of always typing annoying HEX codes into text files ... ;-)

Michael and David from SwissMicros have that nice nut-decoder for DM15
( ).
I hope and believe that they intend to extend this decoder to DM41 in the future. It would be really great if they also included synthetic commands to their coder/decoder syntax range. That would indeed be that "synthetic compiler" mentioned by Guillaume.
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