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Scientific Calculator Keyboard Challenge II
03-19-2016, 06:43 PM
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RE: Scientific Calculator Keyboard Challenge II
Good reply, IMHO!
Considering both implemented functions EEX and 10^x programmable operations, isn't the first Postfix (on RPN machines) and the latter Prefix (as used for number input)? I'm not sure, but on RPN machines this may cause confusion. Besides, AFAIK 10^x usually accepts real and integer numbers, not only integers as EEX does. In this regard, I'd rather see EEX being a part of the normalized number format than a mathematical operation like 10^x, 2^x or e^x where the exponent is not expected to be restricted to integer numbers.

On the other hand, for a calculator with a minimum travel design, as you call it, it might make sense combining the two functions in one key. So 10^x could be invoked whenever the key is used without a preceding (and pending) numeric input and the other function, EEX, otherwise.
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