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Opinion on HP41C for CL conversion
03-03-2016, 04:26 AM
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RE: Opinion on HP41C for CL conversion
(03-03-2016 03:15 AM)TASP Wrote:  I have an HP41C, tall keys, I have set aside for an eventual CL upgrade...

I'm also going to take the bushing between the two halves of the calculator and paint it silver too.

Jump on in, the water is fine, and you will love your new CL. If it turns out to be the only 'bug-7 only' machine, you could always put the original board back in to save, sell, or whatever; the CL upgrade does not harm any of the original components. But you won't go back...

In the 80's, someone in the SoCal area attending PPC meetings used this same idea of painting the divider separating upper and lower case halves, though I don't recall the color. Since the bushing is a bit wider than any other portion of the case, it takes all the edge-wear, and scratches quickly revealed the darker base color. I suggest you use multiple coats and/or cover the paint with some form of clear coat protective layer, etc.

--Bob Prosperi
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