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Opinion on HP41C for CL conversion
03-03-2016, 03:22 PM
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RE: Opinion on HP41C for CL conversion
Noticed this too and it's amazing:

HP41C was announced in the July 1979 PPC Journal, V6 N4

The next issue had the hex table !! And on page 27, a proposal for a PPC Custom ROM !!!!!

In the next issue, a circuit diagram and internal pictures were published !!

Considering this was all decades before the internet, pretty impressive how fast they were moving.

LOL, who in their right mind would have taken a new and expensive HP41C apart just for some pictures, and possibly risked losing the machine to not being able to put it back together again ?? Brave, way braver than me, that's for sure !

And remember, back then pictures involved film and a trip to the drug store to get them developed, not instant like today.

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