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[WP 34S] Ideas for improving unit conversions
02-03-2014, 04:38 PM
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RE: [WP 34S] Ideas for improving unit conversions
(02-03-2014 02:50 PM)Bit Wrote:  
(02-03-2014 09:29 AM)walter b Wrote:  Within CONV, OTOH, we have gal[UK] and gal[US], floz[UK] and floz[US], but only feet[US] and acres[US]. Hmmh, there must be a difference, isn't it? Wink
If you'd like this to be a puzzle, then yes, there have been enough clues left that if someone happens to take interest in this boring little detail, they'll be able to figure it out. I did. Smile
Being puzzling is not exactly a synonym for user-friendly, though...

You're right. Looking at the ... display of the 30b, however, we take pride in the amount of user friendliness we have achieved within 43x6 pixels nevertheless. Sometimes, however, there's hardly a way around RTFM. YMMV.

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