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Casio fx-61F: Scientific Electric Formula 27
04-07-2016, 07:39 PM
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RE: Casio fx-61F: Scientific Electric Formula 27
Here it goes the tear-down.

The LCD display is highly customized, with 3 main areas:
Annunciations, on the left a dot-matrix area to display alphanumeric symbols, and the central area the usual 7-segment numbers.

I just tried the Formula 1 (LC resonant frequency). Nicely done.

[Image: Casio_fx-61F_007.jpg] [Image: Casio_fx-61F_006.jpg]

I measured the solar cells panel and it generates 3V under normal light conditions.
The hybrid power supply takes a 3V solar panel and a 1.5V battery backup, a couple of silicon diodes, two resistors and two capacitors.

Processor from Hitachi model HD62021A04.

[Image: Casio_fx-61F_005.jpg] [Image: Casio_fx-61F_004.jpg]

It is not usual to see this LCD damage occurring on Casio displays, despite it is not visible when inside the case (well, not yet).
Some marks of humidity are visible on the PCB as well.

I think I am entitled to a refund...

[Image: Casio_fx-61F_002.jpg] [Image: Casio_fx-61F_001.jpg]

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