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Complex solve BUG FW 2016 04 14 (10077)
05-19-2016, 08:57 PM
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RE: Complex solve BUG FW 2016 04 14 (10077)
when changing C1-C5 to lower case c1-c5 I still have the same problem. Neither in CAS nor in a program it works. If c2 is complex the result is still []. Only if I change c2 to real value c2:=0.91 I get two solutions:


BTW, in my original program the constants are not named c1-c5. I only used that here to have short names. In the original program the constant have some names that are definitely not used as specific system variables.

I have nothing changed with the program, just made a FW update and since then the program fails in finding solutions ...
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