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How to include tables in a post ?
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Using non-standard blank space character
(06-03-2016 06:11 PM)Dieter Wrote:  
(06-03-2016 01:12 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  I did not know browsers removed spaces, how arrogant!

So, maybe use a non-printing (i.e. invisible), non-space character?

It's a printing space character. ;-) But a special one: the non-breaking space (Alt+0160). You may know it from other software, e.g. in Word it's Ctrl+Shift+Space. That's a very useful character as it will prevent a line break, so you can keep values and units together ("1 m" or "6 km/h") without the risk of line breaks. For our purposes here it's a kind of "hard blank" which - unlike a regular space - is not removed by your browser:

          So   you   can   do   things   like          ...this.

I use non-breaking spaces quite a lot.
BTW, is there a faster way than the Alt+0160 method ?

For years, this character was a great help in filling out the 'Name' and 'Company' dialog boxes when installing Microsoft Office.

If I needed to set up MS Office for a business's PC where the name of an individual was not wanted, it would not accept an empty box or the ordinary space character, but Alt+0160 worked fine.

Think of the situation where the employee moves on and the company hires a replacement - forever after it would say 'This product is licensed to" and show the name of the person who no longer works here.

For a home user who wanted their own name but no company name it worked just as well.
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