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"Unorthodox" number notations 4p7 + 1R2 : NewRPL thread spinoff.
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"Unorthodox" number notations 4p7 + 1R2 : NewRPL thread spinoff.
This thread is spinoff from NewRPL mainthread to prevent further cluttering it. This subject did surface somewhere on page 18 to 20 on the NewRPL main thread (as autumn 2016).

This notation is used atleast on electronics to write the values of atleast resistors and capacitors, usually seen on schematics as 1R2 or 4k7 etc. Most discussion were that where it originates and what are the rules of the system. Note is made that similar writing style is used with the currency cifrão. See:

In internet page (which seems somewhat cluttered copy and paste content) there is picture referred "BS 1852" which in 1970s version supposedly contains this type of notation for resistor and capacitor values. This supposedly BS1852 scan ( direct link to image in internet page mentioned previously indicates that actually there is no C nor L markings (nor F(arad) or H(enry)) used only R for resistor decimal point in case of unit factor 1.

It still remains a mystery where this system originates (ie. cifrão).

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