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Font used on HP calculator keys
09-02-2016, 11:22 AM (This post was last modified: 09-02-2016 11:43 AM by emece67.)
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RE: Font used on HP calculator keys
(08-23-2016 12:12 AM)Accutron Wrote:  It's Helvetica.

I think it depends on the machine. In the Voyager series the white & blue fonts in the keys are very similar to Helvetica Bold (perhaps they ARE Helvetica Bold). The orange font seems to be Helvetica Roman.

In the Pioneers, the fonts resembles Helvetica, but has some variations. Some glyphs seem condensed ("C", "R", "O", ...) but are different to the corresponding glyphs in Helvetica Condensed. Perhaps it is a customized Helvetica.

In the 50g, the "M" letter in the "SYMB" key has both of its "legs" slightly slanted, but Helvetica has them perfectly vertical. Letter "T" in "TOOL", "STO", "NXT", "HIST", "TAN" & "ENTER" is narrower than in Helvetica (although there is a condensed Helvetica with a narrower "T", but with all other letters also narrower). Numbers "1", "2", "5", "6", "7" & "9" are definitely different than in Helvetica. Definitely, the 50g font is not Helvetica, but resembles some variant of Futura (in fact some variants, as the font in the keys is different to that around the keys).

Finally, the serifed glyphs (those in the "\(\sqrt x\)", "\(e^x\)", "\(y^x\)" and the like keys) are not Helvetiva, as this is a sans serif font.

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