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Goodies Disks what a gem of resources..
09-02-2016, 01:23 PM
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RE: Goodies Disks what a gem of resources..
(09-02-2016 11:37 AM)Vtile Wrote:  It seems it were you who wrote the article about the crummy feet of HPs, I have also now experienced this small, but annoying feature of too many products and now in my HP50g with one lost feet. I did solve the issue with "Pattex 100%" glue, which dries kind something similar to hard silicone. First I cleaned the holes a bit with Isopropanol (electric cleaning spray) to get the goo out. Then I took a few tootpicks and with those I tapped the glue/gel to feet dent to form a new "not as clean" feet to the calculator. Next morning it were dry and ready to use. It have now hold couple of weeks so far.

Here is an article on a source for replacement feet for the 50g:

--Bob Prosperi
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