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Still no printing from CK
09-16-2016, 10:34 AM
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RE: Still no printing from CK
(09-16-2016 01:10 AM)BERNARD MICHAUD Wrote:  
(09-14-2016 05:05 PM)Pavel OK1DNZ Wrote:  Hello Dale,
No, a direct transfer between Notepad++ and Connectivity Kit is not possible. Copy and Paste have to be used. But in can be done in few sec. On the other hand, Notepad++ with the add gives you very user friendly IDE (color resolution, autocomplete function, on-line help, settable zoom, adjustable printing...etc).

Looks Great on Notepad++, also prints correctly. Next if you want to Save the file which file type would you use?

I like the idea, but using two programs to accomplish one task doesn't inspire a lot of enthusiasm for this objective. I have had Notepad ++, configured with the added hp language, since I first learned of the added support. But I don't ever use it. The CK isn't great, but it is so much more convenient. If Notepad ++ (or some other IDE like Eclipse?), could be custom configured for hp prime, include a USB transfer mode, and save the following data sets, it would be very useful.

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