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Writing RPL for the 50g on Linux
09-27-2016, 09:08 AM
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RE: Writing RPL for the 50g on Linux

You can install EMU48 with wine and convert any binary UserRPL in ASCII format to transfer it to SD card and reconvert it in UserRPL on HP 50g, alternatively you can write your programs/equations directly in ASCII format (using ASCII translation symbols) with any text editor as EMACS and send them to SD card as explained in:

Ascii Import/Export for SD card and Emulator (John H Meyers)!msg/co...zxPAvZfk4J

ASCII to Binary Converter (and vice versa)

More commons translation symbols:
Num   Sym   Description
---   ---   -----------
128   \<)   angle symbol
131   \v/   square root
132   \.S   integral symbol
133   \GS   Greek Sigma (\GSLIST)
135   \pi   pi
136   \.d   derivative symbol
137   \<=   less or equal
138   \>=   greater or equal
139   \=/   unequal
141   \->   right arrow (\->LIST, \-> a b c)
142   \<-   left  arrow (\<-local)
143   \|v   down  arrow (\|vMATCH)
144   \|^   up    arrow (\|^MATCH)
156   \PI   capital  pi (\PILIST)
159   \oo   infinity
171   \<<   program delimiters
187   \>>
092   \\    backslash[/quote]

In HP 50g AUR's Appendix J you'll find the complete charater set table:
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