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bugs still exists in r10637!
10-08-2016, 05:19 PM
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bugs still exists in r10637!

I have found some bugs in the ver. r10637.1.the calculator crashed when there is a sentence which quits the iferr...then structure, for example:
EXPORT restart()
this restart function works quite well in the new firmware.

2.programming in the cas
When there is a mistake in an cas program and you check it ,the calculator will jump to the wrong position.

3.when I plot a function in cas and give the result to a graphic object, the calculator will go down immediately, for example:
then it crashed.

I also have some questions as below:
1.When I look up for the help of the function 'STRING', there are many optional parameters like bold and italic, but when I tried it, it didn't work on either 'TEXTOUT' or 'PRINT', so how should I use the function 'STRING' if I want a bold text?
2.I found that the effect of alpha of colors changed when every firmware version is published. However, to the latest version, the effect of alpha seems to be wrong when it ranges both from 0x01 to 0x08 and from 0xf9 to 0xfe. Is this normal?
3.When the function 'BLIT' or 'SUBGROB' is used, it doesn't copy the right and down edge of the area, while 'RECT' does.
4.Sometimes when I use 'RECT' with alpha such as 'RECT_P(0,0,100,100,#80FF8000h);', the result gets out of expectation. RECT sometimes fills somewhere out of the area specified. Is it because my usage is wrong?

I hope the bugs will be fixed soon!
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