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[Request] (*, ×, ·, SPC ) multiplication sign ONLY on history view
10-21-2016, 06:57 AM (This post was last modified: 10-21-2016 07:00 AM by primer.)
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RE: [Request] (*, ×, ·, SPC ) multiplication sign in history view
At first reading your request it look very interresting.
But in fact there is probably no chance to have it.

Every request has a cost.
And the cost for this one is quite high IMO. I can says that based on experiance of digit separator setting. Even in 2016 we still had bug fixed related to digit separator (how numbers are displayed or how numbers are read in command that take expression as argument).
Adding another setting that will impact how expressions will to be parsed will have an high cost for sure.
and I don't speak about user confusion (dot can be used in separator AND as multiplication symbol) These confusions will need to be addressed at display and at parsing (someone may type 2.a for 2*a and someone may type 1.2 for 6/5)
Think about program you can download but might not be typed in the same mode as you ? (yes not all progrm use #pragma)
There are many many things to change (with a risk of bug).

All of that has a cost in time.
And I would prefer people at hp to use that time to implement many new features (new functions, new apps) instead of that single cosmetic feature.
Wouldn't you prefer to have a builtin 3D graph ? or builtin QPI feature ?

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