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New bug in NOTES - Firmware 10637
10-26-2016, 06:13 PM
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RE: New bug in NOTES - Firmware 10637
(10-26-2016 04:36 PM)retoa Wrote:  You are right Leo,
you can not "go down" after a formula, so you can not add a new line.
If there is already a line after the formula you can go down and insert a new line by hitting return at the beginning of the line, but if your note ends with an equation you can not enter a new line at the end of the note.
As a workaround you can write the line after the formula first and insert the formula afterwards. Not very comfortable but it works...

I am still not seeing this on any version (hardware, app, etc). Can you try pressing the RIGHT arrow key one more time to get out of the "equation" node. I believe you are still in it. Once you are out of the node, it is back in text mode and editing resumes like normal.

I should probably add in an ALG status symbol up in the header so you'll at least see a change here. Also probably need to add some more padding so you'd visibly see the cursor jump out.


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