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Casio CFX-9850GB Plus 32KB WE (White Edition): 64KByte "upgrade" reconfiguration
11-21-2016, 07:25 PM
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RE: Casio CFX-9850GB Plus 32KB WE (White Edition): 64KByte "upgrade" reconfi...
The PCA is fixed using a few screws. No snap in / latches / rivets are used here.
Really a pleasure to work with when maintenance is required.

[Image: casio_cfx-9850gplus_we_010.jpg] [Image: casio_cfx-9850gplus_we_011.jpg]

Idle current consumption: 2.5mA from 4 x AAA battery cells (6VDC).

[Image: casio_cfx-9850gplus_we_011a.jpg] [Image: casio_cfx-9850gplus_we_012.jpg]

Reconfirming that the new 64KByte SRAM sizing is recognized.
There are 61396 Bytes available to the user after a memory clear.

[Image: casio_cfx-9850gplus_we_014.jpg]

Running again the self test by pressing F6 + a b/c + AC/ON.
This calculator shows this model code: GY357

[Image: casio_cfx-9850gplus_we_015.jpg]

Testing the 8Mbit PROM.
ROM version 1.0. Four byte checksum = 0642FEA8

[Image: casio_cfx-9850gplus_we_016.jpg]

Testing the new 64KByte SRAM configuration.
RAMaddress = F7FF
Write/Read pattern: AA (just a basic h/w test using a 10101010 binary combination).

[Image: casio_cfx-9850gplus_we_017.jpg]

Color LCD from the 90's by CASIO.
Changing the contrast changes the temperature of each color. To see the Orange, Blue and Green colors will require a specific contrast setting, despite being possible to adjust the three individual colors as well.

[Image: casio_cfx-9850gplus_we_018.jpg]

[Image: casio_cfx-9850gplus_we_019.jpg]

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