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Casio CFX-9850GB Plus 32KB WE (White Edition): 64KByte "upgrade" reconfiguration
11-23-2016, 03:15 PM (This post was last modified: 11-25-2016 12:41 PM by jebem.)
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RE: Casio CFX-9850GB Plus 32KB WE (White Edition): 64KByte "upgrade" reconfi...
(11-23-2016 07:37 AM)Mark Wrote:  Hi Jose,
it made me pull out one of my Casios, a Graph-80 a.k.a. CFX-9990GT. I launched the self-test (didn't know of the procedure) and saw that the RAM test reports a 128kB chip. Since the machine is labeled "64K", it is very likely that such reconfiguration could be done... some day I'll open it to check that :-)

Thanks for your comments, Marc.

I have here a CFX-9970GT which seems to be identical to your CFX-9990GT is this info here is true.


My CFX-9970GT also shows 128KB in the RAM test.
However, when going to normal operation and select System from the Menu, it tells me that it has just 63443 Bytes free after a clear memory operation.

As the model code ZX936 is different and the test options are also different from the CFX-9850GB Plus series, probably the RAM test is checking here the full RAM size and not the configured RAM value to be available for end users.

Another difference to the CFX-9850GB Plus WE is the ROM size.
This CFX-9970GT shows 4MBit Version 1 + 8MBit Version 2.
I guess one of these ROM chips holds the CAS code.

But both gives the same forensics result, so the processor is probably the same.


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