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Saving a graph created in the function app
01-02-2017, 05:52 AM
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RE: Saving a graph created in the function app

It depends on what you mean by "saving the graph".

Do you want to save the picture of the graph? or do you want to save the symbolic definition of the graph, allowing you to restart your mathematical work with it in the future?

If the first:
If you have a con kit, then the best is to connect the calc to the computer and use the "Get screen capture" menu that you get by right clicking on the calculator in the calculator pane.
If you use an emulator, there is a screen capture option there also.
If you are ON the calculator itself, you can also make a screen copy, but it is a little bit more difficult.

If the second, then as stated above, you need to copy the "function" app that contains your definition. You can then later "restart" that copied app and continue working. use the save button in the app screen when pointing at your app of interest and name it. This will create a copy of the app, with anything that you have entered in it.

Happy new year,

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